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Stepping into a new world丨Tianjushi Group and CB Consultancy AG reached a strategic cooperation
source:Marketing & Media Department

All things are born at the right time; share the same virtue with the son, and win together with the son.


Recently, Tianjushi Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianjushi Group") and CB Consultancy AG (hereinafter referred to as "CBC") reached an in-depth strategic cooperation agreement in the form of equity acquisition. CBC will serve as the conceptual design team for the general contracting business of Tianjushi's biomedical engineering and become the leading force for the overall solution of Tianjushi's biomedical engineering. At the same time, Mr. Bachofen, the founder of CBC, will serve as the Chief Technology Officer of Tianjushi Group's biomedicine, leading and promoting Tianjushi Group's rapid development in the EPC field of biomedical engineering with his rich industry experience.

CB Consultancy AG is a Swiss consulting company that provides professional design, construction management and industrial plant operations for global pharmaceutical companies. The company focuses on biopharmaceutical and high-end preparation projects. It has strong design capabilities in monoclonal antibodies, proteins, vaccines, and new crown vaccines. The main designers have more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical plant design, engineering planning and consulting. Experience. CBC's business covers Switzerland, Europe and Asia. So far, it has served many large international biopharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Novartis, and has been rooted in the Chinese market for more than ten years. It has also cooperated with Zhongsheng Group, BeiGene, Luye Pharmaceutical and other well-known pharmaceutical companies have long-term friendly cooperation, and are the world's leading conceptual design and consulting service company. Carry out plant planning, conceptual design, basic design, WHO pre-certification and other design consulting work in China.

Mr. Bachofen is an internationally renowned expert in biomedicine design and planning, the founder and chief designer of CB Consultancy AG, and the chief technology officer of Biomedicine of Tianjushi Group.

Mr. Bachofen has extensive experience in the planning and design of pharmaceutical plant facilities, GMP clean room and HVAC system design, pharmaceutical water system design, and quality management systems. As the project leader, he participated in a number of internationally renowned biomedical design projects, including the design of the Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical freeze-dried antibody production plant and the monoclonal antibody-xilin bottle packaging line design project, the Novartis Pharmaceutical R&D Park office building and the design of the laboratory building for R&D Project, BeiGene Suzhou pilot production workshop and Guangzhou commercial production workshop design project and Zhongsheng Group's new crown vaccine production workshop and many other projects.


Novartis Basel Park Project


Johnson & Johnson Schaffhausen project in Switzerland

Tianjushi Group is a well-known large-scale pharmaceutical, environmental protection, and metallurgical project construction general contracting service provider in China. It was founded in August 1998. Its main business includes engineering consulting and design, biomedical engineering general contracting, chemical medicine engineering general contracting, and Chinese Ten major business areas: general contracting of patent medicine engineering, general contracting of medical device engineering, general contracting of food and health engineering, general contracting of environmental protection technology and engineering, general contracting of metallurgical engineering, automation and information engineering, and continuous consumption equipment. In the course of more than 20 years of development, Tianjushi has served more than 200 well-known pharmaceutical companies, including more than 50 of the top 100 pharmaceutical companies, and participated in the construction of nearly 100 pharmaceutical factory facilities that meet the requirements of China's new GMP, FDA and EMA , Has become a representative case in the field of large-molecule biological drugs and highly active products, especially in the field of new biological agents such as monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, insulin, cell therapy, and gene therapy.

This strategic cooperation with CBC has greatly enhanced the engineering technology strength of Tianjushi Group in the field of biomedicine. Mr. Bachofen's rich experience in the field of biopharmaceutical engineering and international leading design ideas will help Tianjushi Group in the biomedical engineering A new chapter has begun in the EPC field. In the future, Tianjushi Group will also give full play to the high-quality design and engineering resources advantages of Mr. Christian and CBC, to provide customers with higher-quality EPC turnkey projects and help the rapid development of China biomedical industry.