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03 2022-03
City of Springs Copolymerization丨TIANS Meets You at the Bio Fermentation Exhibition


Tianjushi Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a leading intelligent equipment manufacturer and one-stop service provider in the fermentation industry in China. Headquartered in Shijiazhuang, with branches in Shanghai and Shandong. The business areas include intelligent instantaneous continuous energy dissipation machine, engineering consulting and design, environmental protection technology and engineering general contracting, biomedical engineering general contracting, chemical and pharmaceutical engineering general contracting, automation and information engineering, etc.

The intelligent manufacturing equipment division of tianjushi group has mastered a number of core technologies such as biological fermentation, sterilization, energy conservation and environmental protection, and is specialized in the R & D, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and other comprehensive services of intelligent instantaneous continuous consumer.



TIAN'SIntelligent Instantaneous Sterilizing Equipmentis a sterilization equipment that makes full use of steam latent heat and achieves pure countercurrent heat exchange through a new heat exchanger according to the principle of short-time high-temperature sterilization.

The equipment is composed of heat exchanger, maintainer, ejector and automatic control system. It is widely used in fermentation pharmacy, amino acid, enzyme preparation, food and beverage and new materials.


1. High sterility rate: sterilization rate 99.9%

2. Less damage to culture medium: rapid sterilization at high temperature for a short time to reduce the nutritional damage of materials under high temperature for a long time. It is widely used in a variety of materials, such as corn pulp, corn flour and other materials can be completely sterilized.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection: save steam by more than 70% and cooling water by more than 90% compared with actual consumption. Carry out it in a closed environment to avoid exhaust steam discharge with culture medium.

4. Stable operation: intelligently control the sterilization temperature and time, and the sterilization effect is stable and reliable. The ejector selects special channel size, and the heat exchanger adopts special process welding, which will not damage the plate, cause no perforation, internal or external leakage.

5.Convenient operation: integrated design, automatic control, no noise and vibration, improve the working environment and improve work efficiency.


>Time: March 30, 2022

>Venue: Jinan (Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center) · conference room 4

>Theme: special meeting on facility and equipment management of pharmaceutical enterprises

>Organizers: Dandelion (Yangtze River Delta Suzhou) medical service platform and international biological fermentation Exhibition


《Application of intelligent continuous elimination system in biological fermentation industry》

Tian Linsheng

■ technical expert in controlling fermentation infection

■ general manager of intelligent manufacturing equipment division of tianjushi group


Fermentation process design concept

Gao Zhiqiang

■ fermentation process design expert

■ chief engineer of intelligent manufacturing equipment division of tianjushi group



Tianjushi Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd

Floor 23-26, block a, Tianshan Science Park, No. 310, Changjiang Avenue, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

Tianjushi technology innovation center · equipment manufacturing center

No. 11, Sanxia Road, Liangcun Development Zone, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

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For more wonderful content, please visit booth a-23 of hall 1. We look forward to your visit!

03 2022-03
Continuous Improvement丨The National Standard for Clean Room Construction Compiled by Tianjushi Group was Officially Implemented

Recently, two national standards, clean rooms and related controlled environments Part 1: classification of air cleanliness according to particle concentration and clean rooms and related controlled environments Part 2: providing evidence of air cleanliness in clean rooms by particle concentration monitoring, drafted by Tianjushi Group, will be officially implemented. These two national standards are under the jurisdiction and implementation of the national clean room and related controlled environment Standardization Technical Committee, and managed by the National Standardization Management Committee. They have been issued on August 20, 2021 and will be officially implemented on March 1, 2022.


The two national standards drafted by Tianjushi will be officially implemented soon

The formulation of this standard specifies the classification of air cleanliness levels in clean rooms, clean areas and isolation devices described in GB / T 25915.7 according to the concentration of suspended particles in the air, and forms the minimum requirements for the performance monitoring plan of clean rooms or clean areas. In the process of formulating the standard, through a large number of facility configuration, monitoring, detection and verification, it is proved that it can meet the monitoring technology and instrument requirements of the standard. On the one hand, it guides the relevant research and development direction of the industry, on the other hand, it shows that it has the foundation to provide an ultra clean and controlled environment for domestic R & D and industry.

With the rapid development of modern industry and cutting-edge technology, clean rooms and clean technology are constantly updated. In particular, scientific experiments and high-tech production processes represented by biomedicine, microelectronics and high-precision equipment manufacturing put forward higher standards for the precision, miniaturization, high purity, high quality and high reliability of enterprise product finishing. As a national specialized new giant enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise, Tianjushi Group has always adhered to the guidance of science and technology, served more than 50 top 100 Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises, and designed and built a number of industry model projects in many fields, such as biomedicine, chemical medicine, environmental protection engineering, automation and information engineering.

In the future, Tianjushi will continue to take science and technology as the guide and technology as the guarantee, deeply participate in the construction of framework standardization, provide more scientific support for the design and construction of clean facilities, and continue to build more high-quality projects, so as to achieve win-win progress with the industry.

03 2022-03
Listen to the Voice of Technology丨Tianjushi Group Holds 2022 Annual Science and Technology Conference

On February 11, the 2022 annual science and Technology Conference of Tianjushi Group was grandly held in the academic lecture hall of Chenping laboratory. 35 people including the board of directors, members of the president's team, heads of business units, members of the science and Technology Committee and representatives of scientific and technological workers attended the meeting to summarize the science and technology work in 2021 and analyze and discuss the future key directions of science and technology work, And present awards to the representatives of the winners of the 2021 Tianjushi science and Technology Progress Award and tianjushi patent award.


Tianjushi Group 2022 annual science and Technology Conference

The meeting was presided over by Chen Xiaofei, deputy director of Chen Ping laboratory and member of the science and Technology Committee. At the beginning of the meeting, Chen Ping, director, vice president, chief technology officer and executive vice chairman of the science and Technology Committee of Tianjushi, made a detailed report on the science and technology work in 2021. He pointed out that at the current historical stage, scientific and technological innovation is of more significance to enterprises and countries. As a member of the army of scientific and technological innovation, Tianjushi should take scientific and technological innovation as the top priority and systematically think about scientific and technological innovation. In 2021, Tianjushi has made gratifying achievements, with 35 final projects, and the quality of final projects is getting higher and higher. Many technologies with Tianjushi characteristics have been formed by the ideological and technical contributions of scientific and technological personnel, and 29 patents have been applied for.


Chen Ping spoke at the science and Technology Conference

In view of the systematization of scientific and technological innovation and future technological innovation of Tianjushi Group, Chen Ping believes that Tianjushi has carried out a series of technological innovation work on the basis of giving full play to its personal subjective initiative, but it lacks strategic support at the overall level. Leaders of all departments need to take the lead in systematic sorting, planning and arrangement to ensure the systematization of technological innovation. The 30 projects approved by Tianjushi in 2022 should be fully considered according to the scientific research projects, and the domestic research situation, existing technical level, R & D objectives, allocation of resources and internal assessment should be systematically arranged and considered, so as to achieve a new level of scientific and technological innovation.

In 2021, Tianjushi Group selected the patent award for the first time. By promoting technological innovation, forming good economic benefits and enhancing the brand influence, the main patent implementers won the award, which highlights the importance of intellectual property work in technological innovation. The main leaders of the science and Technology Committee of Tianjushi Group presented awards to the representatives of the winners of Tianjushi science and Technology Progress Award and Tianjushi patent award respectively.


Chen Ping presented awards to the representatives of the winners of the third prize for scientific and technological progress and the patent Excellence Award


Wang Jing presented awards to the representatives of the winners of the second prize for scientific and technological progress and the silver medal for patents


Wu Yafeng presented awards to the representatives of the winners of the first prize for scientific and technological progress and the gold medal for patents

Based on their own work and the systematic thinking of scientific and technological innovation, the representatives of participating scientific and technological workers made typical speeches from different angles, and actively offered suggestions and suggestions for the stable and good development of scientific and technological innovation.

Xing Jiafeng: technology should have its own strategic and systematic system to avoid the waste of resources caused by scattered technical research. At the same time, we should do a good job in basic research, otherwise technological innovation will become "passive water".


Wu Shaohua: doing a good job in marketing is to solve the problem of "having a good meal", while technological innovation is to solve the problem of "having a good meal". Technological innovation should keep pace with the development of the group and national policies, and form our technological achievements in combination with customer pain points and our resource platform.


Liu Haibing: we should continue to tap the innovative points of environmental protection and realize the corresponding technical reserves. At the same time, the in-depth application, improvement and continuity improvement of science and technology projects should also be more in-depth.


Ma Zhongqing: we should deeply combine customer needs, grasp customer pain points, focus on the technical advantages of various business sections of Tianjushi, communicate more, realize value for customers, and finally realize the implementation of technology, so as to bring good benefits to the enterprise.


In the free discussion session, the participants discussed from different perspectives such as scientific research thinking, BIM three-dimensional design, automation and informatization, internal communication mechanism construction of scientific research projects and technology promotion, and provided many constructive opinions and suggestions for the better and faster development of Tianjushi's scientific and Technological Development and innovation.

Wu Yafeng, director, President, chief designer and honorary chairman of the science and Technology Committee of Tianjushi, thanked the scientific and technological workers for their hard work over the past year. He stressed that we should be a distinctive engineering company with technical characteristics and make contributions to the industry. In terms of marketing, we should carry out marketing strategy layout on the basis of technical strength and grasp the pain points and difficulties of customers; In terms of upgrading and transformation, we should undertake the important task of scientific and technological innovation and make greater contributions to the future development of Tianjushi.


Wu Yafeng spoke at the science and Technology Conference

Finally, Wang Jing, chief scientist of Tianjushi and chairman of the science and Technology Committee, said that scientific and technological innovation has become an important part of tianjushi's career, and Tianjushi will organize more forms of scientific and technological activities in the future. In addition, she put forward three requirements for scientific and technological workers, saying that scientific and technological workers should not only immerse themselves in pulling cars, but also look up at the road. First of all, we should pay attention to the development trend of global technology, and tap the potential of technology through paying attention to new technology and combining the development reality of the times; Secondly, the government should pay attention to the development of the industry in advance and the impact of the policy on the industry in advance; Finally, we should pay attention to the technology development trend closely related to us, pay attention to the difficulties and pain points of customers, go deep into the front line and solve the common problems in the industry.


Wang Jing spoke at the science and Technology Conference

"Only by following the path can we reach a far future". The science and technology conference is not only a grand meeting for science and technology workers, but also an important carrier to vigorously carry forward the spirit of scientists. In the future, Tianjushi Group will be based on the new stage of development, build a new development pattern, promote high-quality development, steadily improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation, widely stimulate the innovation potential of scientific and technological workers, and shape new development advantages by relying on scientific and technological innovation.

02 2022-03
Start with the End and Move Forward∣International Bioengineering English Training Camp Closed Successfully

Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back. ——To all the students

On January 22, the two-month international bioengineering English special training camp was officially closed in Yue Zongli conference room of Tianjushi Group. Under the leadership of Monica, an English expert in the pharmaceutical industry, the students completed 12 bioengineering English courses and mastered 100 daily English dialogue exercises.


Group photo of special training camp college and teacher Monica

After two months of performance in English, the students have fully finished the harvest camp. The jury team composed of the keynote teacher Monica, Zhang Xinqiao, director and vice president of Tianjushi, and song Xiaohui, director and vice president of Tianjushi made targeted comments on each student's display.


The students are conducting daily professional English communication training



The students will present the closing report

Finally, teacher Monica issued the completion certificate to each student and said that the end of this English special training camp is not the real end, but the beginning of English learning. I hope you will continue to adhere to it and break through the difficulties encountered on the way of learning. The students also said that through this period of English learning, they have regained their confidence and interest in English learning. They believe that they can really be proficient in their work through continuous consolidation and learning.

With the promotion and deepening of the internationalization strategy of Tianjushi business units, employees need to have more comprehensive and professional quality and ability. International talent training is an important content of talent team construction. Tianjushi will always adhere to the core values of "creating value for customers and employees", so that more high-quality projects can meet the world and all employees can realize their personal values.

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