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Tianjushi design has various qualifications such as Grade A design in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, Grade A design in construction industry, Grade B engineering design in metallurgical industry, and Grade B special environmental engineering. It covers five fields: chemical-pharmaceutical engineering design, biomedical engineering design, Chinese patent medicine engineering design, medical device engineering design, and environmental protection engineering design. It aims to become a top design technology service provider and serves as a customer Customers provide advanced design concepts, full process consulting, and engineering design services in line with the requirements of industry regulations, which is the core and leading role of Tianjunshi group in implementing EPC strategy and completing“Tianjushi delivery".

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Institute

The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Institute has been deeply involved in many subdivided fieldssuchasoral preparations, sterile preparations, fermented APIs, synthetic APIs, sterile APIs and oral APIs, and has led the design of hundreds of pharmaceutical plant facilities that meet the requirements of China's GMP, FDA and EMA.

Biomedical Engineering Design Institute

The Biomedical Engineering Design Institute (Shanghai Design and Research Institute) has been deeply involved in the professional fields of biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and laboratories, and has successfully implemented many projects in the field of highly active and macromolecular biopharmaceutics, especially in the field of new biological agents such as monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, insulin, cell therapy and oncolytic viruses.

Environmental Protection Engineering Design Institute

The Environmental ProtectionEngineering Design Institute is the coreof T-EPC in the general contracting of environmental protection projects. It fully embodies the design concept of front-end management of green production, and fully considers the feasibility of the project to form the best overall system environmental protection design plan. Many projects have been successfully designed and implemented in the treatment of fermentation wastewater, synthetic wastewater and fermentation waste gas.

Metallurgical Engineering Design Institute

The metallurgical Engineering Design Institute is deeply engaged in sintering, pelletizing, iron making, steel making, steel rolling and other metallurgical subdivision fields. It has the ability and unique advantages of overall metallurgical project design and engineering general contracting, andhas successfully designed and implemented nearly 100 new and renovation projects, and the production economic and technical indexes haveexceed expectations.

Business Scope
    • Whole-process engineering consulting
    • Planning consultation
    • Project consultation
    • Evaluation consultation
    • Conceptual design
    • Basic design
    • HAZOP/LOPA analysis
    • Safety diagnosis
    • Detailed design
    • Optimal design
    • Compliance review drawing
    • BIM design
    • GMP verification
    • China GMP (2010) 
    • FDA
    • EMA
    • WHO GMP
    • ICH Guide
    • ISPE Guide
    • ISO 14644
    • EHS related regulations
Expert Team
Design Advantage

After years of development Tianjushi Design has formed a high-quality talent team with 10 famous design and technical masters as the core, more than 40 well-known technical experts in related fields as the backbone of talents,and more than 160 core design backbone who graduated from well-known domestic universities. Team members have a global design vision and years of experience in working with international engineering companies.

All Speciality Structure
  • Professional setting is complete, all kinds of design talents are complete
  • Complete design chain
  • The responsibility system of the project leader adopted
  • Overall management of all aspects of the project
  • On-site services available
Total Review

Participate in design review,design confirmation of major project-level and professional-level design schemes,and confirmationof design conditions and scheme review of key design nodes prior to delivery of all design documents.Ensure that the engineering design concept is implicit, the scheme is compliant, the technology is reasonable, and the design can be implemented.

BIM Design Center

It can visually display project results, simulate construction, control project investment, reduce construction risks, and provide guarantee for post-operation and maintenance.

EPC Design Concept

Under the development of EPC mode of Tianjushi Group for many years, Tianjushi Design Company has accumulated a great deal of on-site experience, which can strictly control the project schedule and cost and reduce the rework rate. It improves the operability of the project and is the design institute with the most grounding gas and most meeting the actual needs of the project.

Rich Experience in Pharmaceutical Design

There are rich design experience in biological and cell therapy, high-end preparations, research and development, as well as pilot laboratory, API and other aspects, serving more than 50 top 100 national pharmaceutical enterprises,and completing more than 300 project cases throughout the country.

Advanced environmental design concept

Grasp the currently mature and advanced technologies of wastewater, waste gas, solid waste treatment and energy conservation and emission reduction, fully embody the design concept of green production front-end treatment, reasonably combine the technical units according to customer requirements, and form the optimal system-wide environmental protection design scheme.

Typical Case

It has also led the design of hundreds of pharmaceutical factory facilities that meet there quirements of the new version of GMP, FDA and EMA in China. Its comprehensive strength and customer satisfaction are among the highest in the same industry in China. It is a designer, builder, witness and practitioner in the fields of Chinese medicine and environmental protection, and has jointly forged a strong brand of " Tianjushi design ".