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Medical Technology Exhibition丨Tianjushi Group and Chengdu Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition have a perfect encounter
source:Marketing and Media Department

The pharmaceutical industry welcomes the grand meeting, gathering in Shu to show its demeanor. On November 2-4, the 61st China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition") was held in Chengdu. Tianjushi Group brought exhibits from all fields and a team of technical experts in costumes to show up for exhibitors and industry colleagues. Dedicated a feast of pharmaceutical engineering science and technology.

Debut and move forward with a new look

In this exhibition, Tianjushi Group is located in the first international hall of the core exhibition hall. The technology-style design of the booth has attracted many visitors to visit and exchange. Chemical and medical engineering general contracting, environmental protection technology and engineering general contracting sand table real-life display, biomedical engineering general contracting project case display, digital factory integrating biomedical public engineering, chemical synthesis raw material drug process and production visualization kanban, MES system field simulation, etc. The content fully embodies the ability and strength of Tianjushi to provide one-stop solutions for the construction of pharmaceutical enterprises' facilities, and is brilliant.


In this exhibition, Tianjushi launcheda new production visualization Kanban. The front end of the system is written in html5, and the websocket method is used to pull data from the back end in real time. At the same time, the back end is connected with major systems. For example, energy management needs to be connected to the energy management system. The Kanban system centrally displays all the data of the entire digital system of the enterprise, which can be adapted to all pages, allowing managers to grasp the production and operation status of the entire enterprise anytime and anywhere.



As a leader in the EPC of pharmaceuticals and environmental protection engineering, Tianjushi Group comprehensively demonstrated the overall planning and scientific layout of the pharmaceutical factory, advanced design concepts and cutting-edge technologies for resource utilization through pharmaceuticals and environmental protection sandboxes, attracting a large number of pharmaceutical industry personnel to stop for consultation , Let everyone more intuitively understand the technical strength of Tianjushi Group's general contracting model.



In 2021, Tianjushi Group has reached a strategic cooperation with CB Consultancy AG, a well-known international consulting and design company, and will become a leading force in the overall solution of biomedical engineering. At this exhibition, the high-standard biomedical enterprise EPC project video displayed by Tianjushi Group attracted many audiences to stop and watch.


Cutting-edge sharing, technology wins

Tianjushi Group has always been aiming to promote the development of the industry and share the cutting-edge technology. At this year's Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition, Ding Zhijie,vice president and chief designer of Tianjushi Group, was invited by the organizer to do the "Biopharmaceutical Industrialization Facilities" Focusing on Laboratory Design "Special topic sharing, centering on the construction requirements of biological laboratories, the important experience of designing biological drug research facilities, etc., made detailed explanations.



At the same time, the "CDMO API Factory Full Life Cycle Design, Digitization and Environmental Protection" special technical exchange meeting hosted by Tianjushi attracted nearly a hundred visitors, including online and offline, and created an academic feast. Two experts, Peng Ting, general manager of the Group's chemical medicine division, and Yue Zongli, general manager of the automatic control division, started from the two entry points of "Sharing and Discussion of the Design Concepts of Multifunctional Workshops in CDMO Enterprises" and "Digital Solutions for CDMO API Plants" , And the audience had a journey of exploration about the new development model of pharmaceutical factories under the CDMO model.



Technology reshapes value and innovation wins the future. Since its establishment 23 years ago, Tianjushi Group has been deeply involved in the fields of medicine and environmental protection, continuously paying attention to and accurately grasping customer needs, and continuously improving its own engineering quality and service level. Keep going, go further; born to change, born to be different. So far, the 61st China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo has come to an end in Chengdu, but we are even more convinced that the development of Tianjushi Group in the fields of medicine and environmental protection will not stop and will always strive forward.

Looking forward to meeting you next time.

Wonderful moments



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