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The "most powerful brains" of the water industry gather in Qingdao Chen Ping was invited to share the topic at the Qingdao International Water Conference
source:Tianjushi Group

On July 7, the 2021 (sixteenth) Qingdao International Water Conference was successfully concluded in Qingdao West Coast New District! As the most influential water industry exchange platform in the Asia-Pacific region, this International Water Conference attracted more than 100 universities and research institutes More than 300 industry authoritative experts and more than 1,500 industry companies gathered in Qingdao to discuss technological development countermeasures and explore new opportunities for industry development. Chen Ping, director, executive vice president, and chairman of the environmental protection division of Tianjushi Group, was invited to attend the Industrial Water Saving and Resource Utilization Forum and gave a special report on "New Technologies for Resource Utilization in the Pharmaceutical Industry".

Entering the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the long-term goals of "being basically achieved the goal of a beautiful China" and "achieving new progress in the construction of ecological civilization" put forward new requirements in the field of water conservation and water treatment. In the high-salt wastewater reuse and zero-discharge theme forum in the high-water consumption industry, Chen Ping combined years of industry experience, from the reasons for the utilization of wastewater resources, the overall planning of pharmaceutical wastewater resources, nanofiltration membrane acid-base recovery technology, and miscellaneous salt separation. The five key resource utilization technologies and cases including purification technology were introduced in detail. In the first year of "carbon neutrality", the continuous use of water resources is an important area for achieving carbon peaks and carbon neutrality. Chen Ping pointed out that pollution control in the pharmaceutical industry is a pain point in the industry. To solve this pain point, it is necessary to stick to the direction of resource utilization. From the overall planning of the project, to the selection of the process route, to the realization of the treatment process, each link requires strong professional technology to support, in order to finally realize the water reuse and achieve the goal of building a green factory.

As a leader in environmental protection engineering T-EPC, Tianjushi Group has a systematic understanding of water treatment in many industrial fields such as environmental protection, medicine, metallurgy and other industrial fields, with deep technical background and project practice, and has mastered the current mature and advanced waste water and waste gas. Processing unit technology and energy-saving and emission-reduction technology, combining technology units reasonably according to customer needs, realize the recycling of industrial pollutants, and help customers build green factories.

During the conference, the National Separation Membrane Standardization Technical Committee held a special meeting to discuss the recent work of the Standards Committee and the 6 standards that have been approved, as the national standard "Test Method for Hydrophobic Performance of Porous Hydrophobic Membrane" (20202740-T-469) Editor, Chen Ping was invited to attend and offer suggestions on standard content.