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Wang Lifeng

Metallurgical engineering project management expert, general manager of Metallurgical Division of Tianjoshi Group.

He graduated from Hebei Institute of Civil Engineering with a bachelor's degree in mechatronics in 1996.Engaged in medicine, metallurgy, automation instrument work for more than ten years, have a deep understanding of all kinds of processes in medicine and chemical industry.Good at various industrial environment measurement instrument optimization and selection application, control scheme design and control system scheme optimization design.

As the project leader of the construction party,Presided over the federal drug (chengdu) co., LTD. 6 APA / 7 ACA project, phase ii of zhangjiakou cigarette factories "11th five-year plan" technological transformation projects, shanxi Gao Yi 1.2 million tons/year chain grate machine rotary kiln pellets EPC project, shanxi Gao Yi 14 ㎡ shaft furnace was provided 800000 tons/year chain grate machine rotary kiln pellets, shanxi Gao Yi EPC project 4 # blast furnace to repair the iron flat type changeBuilt and visited dozens of projects including EPC corridor project, shanxi Gaoyi 10,000 tons/day sewage treatment and reuse project and rainwater and sewage diversion project.

Shijiazhuang Qiaoxi sewage Treatment Plant daily treatment of 160,000 tons of upgrading technical renovation project won a provincial excellent project award.

The company has patented "pressurized pure oxygen aeration reaction device", "four tandem gas washing device", "a pellet-making machine", "even grate rotary kiln pellet oxygen-enriched coal injection system", "a grate waste heat recovery system", etc.