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Ding Xiangkui

Structure design expert, intermediate engineer, registered consulting engineer, the second professional head of structure engineering in Hebei Tianjushi Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

He graduated in Engineering Mechanics from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2011 and acquired a master's degree. He once served in the Civil Engineering Room of Institute of Medical and Chemical Industry of The Fourth Research and Design Engineering Corporation of CNNC .

He as the chief structural designer participated in and completed many works including Hongshan base project of Chifeng Mengguang Biotechnology Co., LTD., Waisha Biomedical Industrial Park Project of Zhejiang Haizheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., construction project of production base of Suqiao Branch of Guangxi Kelun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., project phase I of Jiangsu Haikuo Biomedical Co., Ltd., ten thousand tons of antibiotic intermediates construction project phase II of Ili Chuanning Biotechnology Co., Ltd., KGS product R&D and pilot engineering center project of Haizheng, technical renovation project of Gansu Ruihexiang Biotechnology Co., LTD., construction project for the biopharmaceutical production base of Anhui Wanbei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., project of Beijing Junhai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., colistin sulfate project of Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Tangshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., annual output of 70t preparation supporting anti-infective drugs technical reform project in west Yantou District of Zhejiang Haizheng Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., and etc.

Papers include Brief Discussion on the Selection of Structure Design Parameters of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Plant, Shear Test Study of 290 Thick Reinforced Masonry Block Cast-in-Place Wall, etc.