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Zhou Lanxia

Pharmaceutical and chemical process design expert, a senior engineer, registered chemical engineer, registered fire engineer, expert of China Medical Engineering Design Association Expert Committee, deputy director of China Pharmaceutical Engineering Technical Expert Committee of International Pharmaceutical Project Management Association, expert of construction engineering fire protection design review, and acceptance expert database, deputy general manager of biomedicine division of Tianjushi Group, general manager of biomedical engineering design company.

Graduating from Shandong University in environmental engineering, Zhou Lanxia is awarded 2 second prizes in provincial and ministerial excellent engineering design, 1 third-class excellent project recommended as the national excellent medical engineering design.

As the technical director, Zhou undertakes the Measles Vaccine Workshop Project of Lanzhou Institute of Biology, the Construction Project of Animal Epidemic Control Center of Hebei Province, and the New Medical Intermediate Project of Nantong Yaben Chemical Co., Ltd; As the project leader, Zhou presides over the design of several projects, such as the New Plant Construction Project of Shanxi Qianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the New Antibiotic Aseptic Primary Medicine Project of Zhejiang APELOA Co., Ltd., the New API Base of Hubei No.1 Branch, and the Green API Base Project of Tianke (Jingzhou) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

The papers that Zhou publishes include "Brief Analysis on the Desalination Technology of Chemical Wastewater", "Treatment of Organic Waste Gas in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry".