Tianjushi EMBA

Tianjushi Talent Development Center EMBA aims to foster Group's"unfound talented people" and build a learning and communication platform for the purpose of providing senior managers and high-potential talents with certain managerial experience with modern management knowledge that is suitable for the actual situation of the Group. Through knowledge learning and discussion and exchange, EMBA can help those people become excellent leaders to drive the development of the Group.

The EMBA class of Tianjushi Talent Development Center starts in May every year, with a school system of 2 years and an annual scale of about 15 people.

The principle of curriculum setting is to enrich students' systematic management thinking and get close to the business operation. The lecturers are composed of Group's internal executives and external lecturers. The graduation certificate is obtained by means of credit accumulation and the students will be assessed in the form of the thesis defense.